Woman begs men for sex on Facebook after her mother nags her for a grandchild

Russia: A Russian woman is urging men to have sex with her on Russian Facebook – because she wants to get pregnant to silence her nagging mother.

Elena is running a competition on the VK social network called Leave Your Trace In Me – in her bid to get pregnant.

Elena Komleva, 29, from the city of Cheliabinsk in southern Russia stuck the ad on her Vkontakt page (the Russian equivalent of Facebook) to try and appease her mum who is hell-bent on being a granny.

She said: “On the eve of my 29th birthday I announce a contest named ‘Leave your trace inside me’. “My mother needs grandchildren to give them all the baby clothes she has been collecting. “But nobody wants to marry me yet.

“So, if you are young, strong and healthy drop me a line. “My mother will be in charge of selecting the candidates and announcing the winner.

“She knows what I need.” Now the toe-nail painting artist has been inundated with offers from horny lads keen to help her out.

Hopeful Igor Seleznev, 31, said: “I would happily leave my trace in her, again, and again, and again. She’s hot.”

Yuri Yuriev, 28, said: “Hmm, a woman in need – I am here to help.”

Kuzma Tretiakov, 25, said: “I’m young, strong and healthy and ready to go.” But while her Vkontakt friends offered support and congratulations on her idea, with pal Sergey Mironov and others posting “Happy birthday, all the best and good luck to you” some were more concerned.

Borislav Baranov, 28, said: “I’d love to help her, but her mother seems a bit of a nightmare.”

And Leonid Ponomaryov said: “What about morals? Can this be right?”

In response Elena said: “There is nothing for me to be ashamed of. I was in love once, but I was also unhappy. “I am hoping to find a husband, but if I only find a biological father that’s also ok. At least it will stop my mum going on at me.”