Women are also affected by baldness

According to a new study, women across the world also suffer from thinning hair and baldness just like men.


Recent studies show that for many women, thinning hair is a problem. Data shows that women from around the world are suffering from hair loss and one in three has thinning hair. Experts have said that many women do not want to talk about the problem and tend to ignore the problem. Experts said that overexposure to harsh chemicals and heated styling tools and also extensions and weaves may cause hair loss and thinning.

“Heat weakens hair proteins, no matter how many protective products you use. Constant heating and drying, as well as colouring with harsh chemicals, can lead to brittleness and fragility that causes hair loss that would not have occurred otherwise,” says organic hairdresser Tabitha James Kraan.

Researcher Iain Sallis said these factors can make the hair’s growth cycle slow down or even stop. People are advised to get a proper diagnosis from your GP, dermatologist or qualified trichologista and not to spend money on products that may further cause hair loss.


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