Yvonne Okwara in Relationship Drama. But Is She the Only One? Here Are 5 Other News Anchors Who Have Been in the Same Predicament

1. Yvonne Okwara

Her ring was barely on her finger than Robert Alai came out to rain on her parade with quite the salacious story. He alleged that Yvonne had to get married  in  clandestine invite-only wedding  after changing the venue a whopping three times to evade her new husband’s wife and lover!

Alai claimed that Yvonne’s spanking new husband, Andrew Matole Konde, a veterinary surgeon was once married to one Alice Manyola Matole with whom he sired three children .Alai further alleges that the two went their separate as Andrew could not keep it in his pants!

As if that is not bad enough, Alai alleges Andrew also had a kid with another woman, a Maryanne Muthoni Waruingi. Eek!

2. Linda Oguttu


On 21st August 2013, a carjacking ring was arrested and the news made headlines, but the bigger news was on its way. The bigger news was that Dennis Mombo, Linda Oguttu’s fiancé was the ring leader. Blogs literally caught fire with stories of the previously unknown Dennis Mombo after he was huddled into a car and taken to kabete Police Station,as if this public humiliation was not enough, Kenyans on Twitter went HAM on hapless Linda.

3.Anne Kiguta.


She is smart, sassy so it’s hard to imagine anyone laying a hand on Anne Kiguta. The TV star’s tough girl act could be as a result of  domestic abuse. She describes in an interview with True Love magazine that her boyfriend started beating her before she made her debut on KTN. She was left with scars on her face and had to cover them up with make-up. Before she had her first Prime Time appearance, she had to go to hospital and record a statement at the police station. But despite her harrowing experience she killed it on her debut. If that’s not a fighter. I dunno who is!

4. Cynthia Nyamai


Makuyu and the former KTN news anchor got married in 2007, but divorced three years later leaving tabloid-worthy scandals in their wake. Cynthia Nyamai had no qualms speaking about her divorce from one Makuyu, whom she accused of being a quintessential womanizer and being violent; this was on an interview with Drum Magazine. Makuyu on the other hand shat on her claims in an interview with K24’s Faraja claiming that Cynthia was the one with wandering eyes. This was after he refuted his ex-wife’s account that he was a violent Casanova.

5. Lillian Muli


For a long time,there were allegations that there was trouble in the Lillian-Kanene forte, that the two had called it quits over what was said to be alleged unfaithfulness between the two.

She however denied it during an interview with True Love Magazine where she disputed claims of separation saying that “We are not divorced or separated as purported by the media. I have been married for 4 years now. Why would I still go by his name if we were not together? I’m the type of person who would just drop it”

She however dropped the ball during an interview with Jeff Koinange who was promoting his book ‘Through My African Eyes’. When the book signing time came, Jeff asked who the book should be signed to .“Can I write Kanene?” Jeff asked. To which Lillian swiftly and sweetly replied, “No, Muli’s just fine.”

6.Esther Arunga



We are all familiar with the Arunga-Timberlake drama that ended up with one of their children dead. This is the most chilling case of them all! It is said that her husband Quincy killed their son as he was trying to exorcise ‘demonic embryos’ from his stomach.

The son was hurled against a wall after repeatedly being punched in the stomach. He was then given a bath and sent off to bed. He thereafter died and Esther was charged with  being an accessory to murder.Apart from killing her son, Quincy also killed off Esther Arunga’s prolific career on TV.