5 Erotic Kenyan Websites Where Kikuyu And Luo Girls Offer Their Body For Sale For As Low As Kes 300 A Shot

The business of selling flesh is flourishing in the city. And now that everything is going digital, a phone call is enough to get you laid in Nairobi.


The oldest profession has migrated to digital platform. Kenyan girls have rushed online to post personal details in a bid to attract internet users.

We conducted a social experiment to find out whether personal details provided by hookers on erotic Kenyan sites could get one laid.

And the results were interesting; one could actually shag a commercial sex worker in Nairobi for as low as kes 300 a shot.

The one thing the girls lied about was their names.Thots call themselves fancy names like Saumu, Amelinah, Tasha, Samira etc etc but wait till you call them and listen to their voices that’s when it will dawn on you the girls are just typical Akinyis and Njeris.

Most of the girls talked to had Luo and Kikuyu accents. And they were operating from brothels mostly located in River Road.

The starting price for a drill is Kes 2000, most girls will quote the figure and if you bargain they reduce it depending on how well negotiate with them.