5 ugly traits that make people avoid you


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Are you always grumbling about how nobody seems to like you Do you have an aptitude for making more enemies than friends Chances are that you are actually the instigator of your own trouble rather than other people. The world is full of unpleasant people who have no idea that they always rub other people the wrong way. They exhibit certain traits that people find annoying or downright appalling. If you find it hard to get along with other people, you should take a hard, long look at yourself and see if you have any of these ugly and dislikeable traits that may be hindering you from freely interacting with other people:


Braggarts are some of the most insufferable people on Earth. These are people who like to ‘casually’ make reference of their wonderful jobs or expensive houses. There is no shame in being proud of your achievements. However, there is also no nobility in acting like you are superior to your fellow men. If you are the kind of person who carries himself as if you are superior in every aspect and does not shy from rubbing it in other people’s faces, chances are you don’t have a lot of friends.

Approval seekers

There are people who are masters at sucking up to strangers for tiny morsels of approval. They would do anything to get affirmation and acceptance from others. When you place the values, beliefs, opinions and needs of others above your own, you become an approval whore that nobody wants to hang out with. If you want to start being a people person, start having the self-confidence to stand on your own two feet.


To be a likable human being, you have to be tolerant in the sense of realising that your ideas, way of life or perspective is not the only correct one. While it may be the best for you, it is not the best for everyone. When you make a habit of judging people based on their way of life, you will tick off quite a number of people.

Self-inflicted victims

Self-pity is a really ugly trait. There are people who mull over and muse over their problems constantly. We all feel down sometimes and it is okay to talk about our problems, but there are people who enjoy the exaggerated and self-indulgent pity over their circumstances. Self-pitying people like broadcasting their problems on social media. They are self-absorbed. This behaviour does not win them a lot of friends.

The foul mouthed

Dropping an occasional F bomb in a sentence is acceptable. However, throwing arbitrarily taboo words in your sentences even when you don’t need to makes you come across as obnoxious and unintelligent. It also makes you very grating to be around.