AK47 final interview: Why he got saved

On March 9, Emmanuel Mayanja had what is now his last press interview with Olivia Nagawa who met him at his father’s home in Seguku off Entebbe road.

Who is Ak47 ?

I grew up in a family of many brothers and sisters. Sometimes I do not know the exact number. Being the last born of my father, Gerald Mayanja, I enjoyed a lot of love from my family members.My real name is Emmanuel Mayanja. I attended
Kisubi High School and I am a father of three, including a set of twins.

Why do you call yourself AK47?

My big brother, Chameleone, gave me this name. He said it would make me rise to greater horizons and that it will would spread like a wildfire because it will always stick in people’s minds. Chameleone said when I start singing, my phrases
would fly like bullets fired from an AK47 rifle.

Who inspired you to start singing?

Singing is a talent that runs in my family. Besides, I love singing and dancing. I got the inspiration from my brothers like Joseph (Chameleone). when I wanted to start singing, I approached him and he gave me a go-ahead.

When did you start singing?

I started in 2008 when I had just completed S6. I joined Chameleone’s Leone Island and I did with him my first song titled Bayuda. Later, I asked him to let me stay in his group so that I could get a breakthrough in my music career.

What would you consider your breakthrough into the industry?

It was my song Champion in 2011. It had a Jamaican beat that many youth and adults loved. That gave me the strength to go on because I realised I could make it. I got lots of positive feedback from my brothers and fans. Most musicians wear their hair long or have unique hair styles.

What happened to you?

Wearing my hair long is by choice. In my case, I chose to have a new identity. I even considered changing my name
from AK47 to Ay. Many artistes use drugs.

Do you?

I live my life and I do not care what people say about others. However, I do not do drugs.

You are active on social media. What is the meaning of your latest post on your Facebook page?

In life, we do a lot of regrettable things that are not worth it and do not please God. There is a point in life I felt I needed to change my life and make it better. I also know of my father’s status and at times I felt I had done things that made me unworthy to be called his son.

Besides that, I realise I have become a father of twins and have to change and be different. So I told my brother Pius (Pallaso) that I had become a Born-again Christian and had changed my ways.  Since my friends did not believe me, I decided to post the development.

How do you juggle tasks as a Ssalongo (father of twins) and a musician?

I am proud to have twins because they are a blessing from God. Besides, I do the right thing at the right time. I
also thank God for the mother of my children because she appreciates me.

I have always seen you with Pallaso, what of your other brothers?

I love all my brothers and they love me too, but there is always one who understands you more, one with whom you share many things, that is what is between me and Pallaso.

What is that most important thing that has happened in your life in your music career?

The very first time I watched my song playing on television. Wow! I felt I had conquered the industry. I have twins and a big son. I am a star in the making, if not already one. My future is great.

What advice do you give the youth?

Life is good when you live it in a good and godly manner and respect the changes it brings, especially if the appreciation comes from the heart.