Alternative News Sources Inadequate, Poll Shows


Majority of Kenyans with and without set top boxes but own TV sets are dissatisfied with alternative sources of news and information following the switch off three media houses.

This is according to latest survey by polling firm IPSOS focusing on awareness levels of the public on last week’s switch off of Citizen TV, KTN, NTV and QTV as well as purchase of set top boxes.

Majority of respondents blamed the government for the switch off from the analogue platform.


According to the survey 73% of television set owners without set top boxes were dissatisfied with what other TV stations have been offering since Citizen TV, KTN, NTV and QTV were switched off on Saturday last week.

Another 40% of Kenyans are not sure on whether they will purchase set top boxes following the current uncertainty concerning the digital migration process.

The IPSOS poll also shows 59% of TV sets owners hold government generally responsible for the switch-off from the analogue platform and not specifically Communication Authority of Kenya or the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

The survey conducted on February 17th and 18th showed that 26% of Kenyans now rely on TV for news, 56% on radio, while most of the remaining people have been forced to rely on newspapers or social media, with 9% currently going without any news at all.