At least eight people dead, 14 injured in Meru road bus accident

At least eight people died and 14 others injured in a grisly road accident involving a truck and a minibus in Meru, eastern Kenya, local police said on Thursday.

Divisional police commander Sammy Kosgey said the accident along the Meru-Nairobi road involved a truck which was to overtake another truck but failed to negotiate the corner, leading to a collision with the oncoming minibus.

“We found five bodies on the scene belonging to four males and one young female when we arrived at the scene. The injured were rushed to the hospital but three others succumbed to injuries,” Kosgey said.

Witnesses said the 14-seater minibus was overloaded, carrying 22 passengers.

The commander said the minibus was heading towards Nkubu whereas the truck was heading to Meru, adding the injured are still receiving medical attention at a hospital in Meru.

Road accidents continue to occur despite stringent traffic rules which were introduced by the government to help curb road carnage.

Latest statistics from the government said there were 2,907 people who died in road accidents in 2014 as compared to the 3,218 deaths in 2013.