Mandera residents rally against County Commissioner amid insecurity deteriorates in the Town

Residents of Mandera took to the streets demanding immediate transfer of Mandera County Commissioner Alex Ole Nkoyo as insecurity deteriorates in the dusty border town.

The demonstrators who were carrying placards and banners with various slogans written on it expressing their emotions of the frustration with the runaway security in town. The demonstrators vented their anger with county commissioner and security officials for their low response when it comes to security issues.

The demonstration was organized by the county government who earlier demanded the immediate transfer of County Commissioner whom they said is ‘dormant’ and accused  of failing to stop the surging insecurity in County.

Feisal, Township ward representative said “We calling the County Commissioner to go, should the government fail to heed our calls, will organize Tahrir style demonstration “.

One of the protesters is heard saying “We can’t allow to be killed like flies; we need protection from the bloodthirsty criminals”.

On the other hand the County Commissioner has accused the locals of harboring criminals and failing to work with the security agencies.

“How do you expect security to improve when you fail to work with the security officials “, he retorted.

Early this week Kenyan Minster of Internal security, Joseph Nkeyseery has rejected the call of Mandera leaders and termed the attack on the governor as case of ‘Banditry’.

Last week, Mandera governor Ali Roba survived on nail edge, after his convoy was attacked that left 3 of his security guard dead and injuring eight others.

Mandera, hundred meters away from Somalia border has bore the brunt of grenades and guns attacks from the terror group who carried out deadly attacks in North Eastern province in retaliation of the Kenyan troops presence in Somalia.

Many residents and politicians from North Eastern has criticize the central government of failing improve security in the crime –ridden region.