Bobi Wine’s father hailed as great man

Grief-stricken friends and relatives gathered yesterday at Holy Trinity Church in Kamwokya, to pay their last respect to the late, Willington Jackson Sentamu, father of Self-styled ghetto president’s Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Sentamu passed away at Mulago Hospital on Tuesday, after a protracted battle with diabetes.

During a requiem mass at a fully packed Church, led by father James Ssebayiga, friends and relatives described Sentamu as a humble, welcoming, tolerant, exemplary, low profile and generous man who never wanted to see anyone in a poor state.

“I have a lot to talk about my father. He got his fame from our grandfather, the late Joseph Walakila, and we also got fame from him because of his good work. He was a hardworking man even when he had aged, you would find him working, our father had almost 40 children but made sure that we all go to school,” said Bobi wine.

Devastated Bobi Wine said he will never forget his father’s favourite quote. “Let’s drink for the general happiness of the crowd and the world,” that showed that his father was not selfish.

When asked why he calls his father Muvabulaya, Bobi said that his father was the first person in Mpigi district to go to London in 1950. When he returned, villagers started calling him Muvabulaya because he was their hero.

In his message, Fred Nyanzi, Bobi Wine’s elder brother remembered how his father used to teach him English words whenever they met.

“My father knew how to express himself in English. You would find him reading Shakespeare plays and he always wanted us to speak good English, I am proud of him because among his children, I am the one who resembled him. I am happy he has gone when he had forgiven us. He called us last year when he was at Kitovu Hospital and forgave us,” said Nyanzi.

Ssemukasa, a relative, assured mourners that the Sentamu family is not fighting like it was alleged before.

“There are rumours that we fought over the body, we did not. When our father was sick, he was staying at Bobi Wine’s home and people from walks of life would go and visit him, there is no way we would take his body straight to Ggomba without letting Kamwokya residents where he used to stay, pay their last respect,” said Ssemukasa.

David Lwanga, a KCCA councillor described the late as a honest and fair man who also wanted his children to follow in his footsteps.

Lwanga called upon family members to be one and avoid fighting for Mzee’s properties.

Sentamu will be buried tomorrow at Kikoni in Ggomba at 2:00pm.