Celebrity Apprentice: Joan’s Last Appearance

The teams now needs to create a 30 second original jingle to bring the to life the liquid awesomeness of Anheuser Busch’s family of lime-a-ritas. Both teams will be given a sound engineer, a recording studio, musicians and singers for their task. They will be judged by Joan Rivers, Busch and the Trumps on creativity, brand messaging and overall entertainment value. Since there’s only Vivica and Geraldo left on Team Vortex, Trump sends over Leeza to join them. Leeza volunteers for Team Vortex and Brandi for Team Infinity. The winning project manager will receive $50,000 from Busch and $50,000 from Trump for their charity.

Leeza asks Geraldo what he thinks and he adds his Puerto Rican influence, but Leeza isn’t impressed. He doesn’t come over with their overall slogan “Nice Over Ice” but Leeza and Vivica take over the jingle. Joan loves their presentation. Megan thought it was short and catchy and no real negatives so naturally Team Vortex wins. Leeza wins $100,000 for her Leeza’s Care Connection supporting those who support Alzheimer’s.

Ian doesn’t like Johnny’s singing so he shuts himself off and comes up with his own “La Cucaracha” type jingle but Brandi shuts him down. He pouts so much about losing to Johnny (who apparently writes songs in his free time) that Brandi eventually tells Ian to “sit and shut the fuck up”. It had to be done. But Ian is ready to fight for his life, having no confidence in his team. Liked that the flavors were reinforced and that the jingle mentioned drinking it on ice in the summer. But they also thought it was too wordy and not quite catchy enough.

SPOILER ALERT:: Ian can stop pursing his lips because he’s FIRED. But Brandi and Johnny are left in the boardroom because Trump wants to fire someone else. Brandi refuses to say anything negative about Johnny but Trump is pushing… Joan suggests the project manager should be the one to be ousted. Unfortunately, Trump disagrees and agrees… Brandi AND Johnny are also FIRED!!!!! Whoa!!!!!! Me thinks Mr. Trump just has his favorites.