Here Are Celebrity Reactions Following Nazizi’s Extraordinary Physical Transformation

The country’s celebrities were equally mesmerized just like the rest of Kenyans when they saw the new look Nazizi spotted.

When pictures of Nazizi hit the internet, almost everyone was shocked. People have long known Nazizi to be a plus size lady but that was not the same Nazizi they saw on her latest picture.


Celebrities led by Sauti Sol were quick to congratulate Nazizi for her relentless effort to lose weight.

“Of course we had to repost this! You look amazing! S/O to you first lady of hip hop Nazizi Hirji for staying fly and fit” Sauti Sol wrote.

Revered female rapper, Xtatic, popular actor, Nick Mutuma and other celebrities too chipped in their comments and shared Nazizi’s photo with their fans.

Xtatic: I will still repeat that I am too proud and inspired by you Nazizi Hirji. Just needed to post this to show the clear picture of how far the journey has been. The inspired becomes the inspiration…

Nick Mutuma: (In reference to Nazizi’s photo) First lady of East African hip hop Nazizi Hirji is killing it.