China shuts down over 100 illegal dating websites: Report


China has shut down over 100 illegal dating websites and ordered 20 sites to correct their practices in a campaign launched in February targeting fraud and pornography on match-making sites.

The websites were shut down due to a lack of registration records, leakage of user information and spreading pornography and vulgar content, the Cyberspace Administration of China on Monday said in a statement.

According to the statement, some sites have even allowed registered users to publish pornographic novels, Xinhua news agency reported.

Aside from targeting fraud rings, prostitution and fraudulent practices by service providers, the campaign also asked dating websites to enforce real-name registration and ensure the authenticity of its users.

Some match-making site operators have voiced their support for the campaign. Wu Linguang, chief executive officer of China’s largest dating website, ‘Jiayuan’ which claimed more than 100 million users in 2014, said it will benefit the long-term development of the industry.