China’s Tencent launches its own Android-based operating system, TOS+


Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent has launched a new open-sourced operating system, the aptly named Tencent Operating System, or TOS+ for short. TOS+ will run on a number of smart devices including TVs and smartwatches, and comes with a mobile payments system. The new OS will be free to use for manufacturers and developers provided they agree to share revenue with Tencent.

The Android-based TOS+ is the latest alternative to Google’s services, which are not fully available in China. With its own operating system Tencent — which owns WeChat — can now compete against Alibaba (which has YunOS) and Xiaomi for a rapidly growing Chinese market. The success of TOS+ will depend on a number of factors, though, as competition is heating up in China — which just became Apple’s second biggest market.