Chris Brown deliberates suicide?


Just a week after rumours that close friends were responsible  for robbing his home and holding his family at gun point, the No Air singer is contemplating his last breath.

Chris took to his social media pages stating that  people in his current situation would not hesitate to blow their brains out. He wrote on the ‘Gram on Tuesday saying, “ When u  are tired of the f**king devil ruining your life and u hear God speak for the first time.

No one knows what I deal with day to day. The average man wouldn’t hesitate to blow his f**king brains out but that’s the cowards way out… Most won’t understand the genius and beauty in change and learning and the people who have devilish intentions will win in the short term.”

Chris Brown said that beneath the party visage is a little boy looking for help and guidance and that he just wants to stay out of the way and focus on do music while raising his 13-month-old daughter, Royalty.