County government asked to monitor motorists along Kisii-Nairobi highway

Gusii Institute of Technology students want the county government of Kisii to deploy county officers along the busy Kisii-Nairobi highway to monitor and punish over speeding motorists.


Residents gather at the scene of an accident near the Gusii Institute of Technology. The institution’s students now want the county government to deploy county officers to the highway to monitor motorists. [Phot/Joseph Ongoto]

This comes after an accident involving a Nissan Matatu occurred on Thursday killing two people, leaving others with injuries.

Led by Deputy Organising secretary Mr Jose Ombati, the students demanded the county government to deploy the officers whom they accused of lying idle in tax collection centres.

“We are very sad that we continue loosing people along this highway yet we have officials who can monitor motorists. The county government should consider deploying them to the highway expeditiously for obvious reasons,” he said.

According to them, the security personnel will help the limited number of police in the region to fine speeding motorists.

The students also urged the county government to install speed limit signs near the institution.

“The officers will be responsible for regulating motorists along the highway. They will punish over speeding motorists who may defy certain speed limits,” said Ombati.

The students vowed to paralyse businesses in the town if the county fails to implement their suggestions that will be presented to the county governor.

“Not long ago, we lost two of our colleagues near this place. We will not tolerate that and if they refuse to implement our suggestion, people will witness major battles in the town,” he said.