Diamond Mistreating Kenyan Artists? Really? Here is the Insight

The news that Diamond ill-treated Kenyan artistes during an event held at Mombasa has been spreading faster than chickenpox in a school yard.

This news has been met with severe backlash from some who are disgusted by Diamond’s alleged behavior while others are skeptical of the news.

It is said that Diamond who headlined at a show in Mombasa over the weekend kicked out Susumila and Nyota Ndogo from the V.I.P lounge after the two were denied bottled drinking water. Diamond and his crew allegedly had to make do with tap water.

Nyota Ndogo has come out to deny that this incident went down. A sentiment echoed by Susumila.

Diamond Mistreating Kenyan Artists? Really? Here is the Insight


Nyota Ndogo

Speaking to Mzazi on Mambo Mseto, Susumila says that the said mistreatment of Kenyan artistes did not go down. He was not maltreated or denied any water; all the stories are fabrications. Adding that he was displeased that and no one consulted him to ask questions on the alleged incident saying that the tabloids relied heavily on unconfirmed reports.



In conclusion, he urged the bloggers to build the industry but not pit artistes against each other by creating lies.