Forget ‘Fake Billionaire’ Steve Mbogo! ‘Rich Gang’ Millionaires Seem To Say As They Show Off 100 Million Kshs (Video)


Steve Mbogo became famous for his flamboyant lifestyle that included splurgy yachts and bad b*ches with even badder lifestyles, however his downfall came when he tried stretching his 15 minutes of fame  to the brink.

In a bid to feed the masses and the media who had become hungry for more of  Steve Mbogo’s lifestyle , Steve Mbogo embellished his biography in wild abandon , giving fake credentials that included saying that he is part of Fly 540’s board as a non-executive chair and served as a chairman at Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited.

His web of lies started unraveling after the two companies publicly denounced him, much to the disappointment of his legion of fans. Aside from the public embarrassment that came from the two boards denouncing him, Steve could be sued for lying by FLY 540.

While pseudo-billionaire Steve Mbogo is languishing in his lies and trying to do some damage control, Uganda’s ‘Rich Gang’ are now living the Steve Mbogo Lifestyle. Flossing wads of cash like there are no thieves around, check them out.