Did Octopizzo Just Admit Khaligraph is The Better Rapper? This Will Amaze

If Octopizzo’s latest jab is anything to go by, then Khalighaph might just be the best rapper.

Octopizzo is once again hitting out at some rapper; though his latest prod was not directed to anyone in specific, one doesn’t need to think hard to know it was directed to his long time nemesis.

The sensational rapper was hitting out at a rapper who spits his/her raps hard; he emphasized rapping was about bread and he was a bread winner.

In simple translation; Octo could have meant it’s the money one gets from rapping that counts and not the fame/ popularity derived from it. If it comes to money, no other rapper in the country can match Octopizzo’s. (Hypothetically). But his statement can also mean he has admitted Khaligraph is the better rapper. Khaligraph might have the vibe but Octo is the man with the money.

Down is what Octo wrote:

….How can #U_N_I_TY (yoU aNd I TIe) when #UNITY is not an Option…

F who raps Hard!,it’s about Bread Niqqa..

And am a BreadWinner.