Drug dealer kept 44 bags of drugs inside him for 23 days


A now-convicted U.K. drug dealer didn’t defecate for 23 days behind bars while police waited for him to pass 44 bags of heroin and cocaine.

Police initially arrested Sy Allen, 30, in Colchester, Essex, and put him behind bars under suspicion of concealing drugs, police said, according to The Daily Mirror.

But Allen refused a medical exam, didn’t want to eat or drink for a time, and refused to go to the bathroom until he became ill.

He eventually was admitted to hospital and doctors recovered 44 bags of heroin and cocaine, the Mirror reported.

Allen admitted in court to drug possession with intent to supply and was sentenced to 32 months in jail, according to the report.

Det. Sgt. Andrew Stott of the Essex police said, “Allen’s behaviour showed the lengths that some criminals will go to conceal evidence, putting themselves at risk of serious health implications. This case demonstrated patience.”