‘Face of Jesus’ appears in cliff after South American landslide

Worshippers flocking to see ‘apparition’ in South America


Onlookers have claimed to see the face of Jesus appear in a cliff after a landslide inSouth America.

According to the Standard Digital, the ‘apparition’ is attracting hundreds of visitors to the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia.

And some local landowners are even cashing in on it, charging visitors to view the figure some see as a “miracle”.

According to the Mirror, Ximena Rosero Arango, one of the many people who have come to the site to photograph the mountain, told Eltiempo.com: “If you believe in Jesus you will see your image.”

The Sun reports that another religious user posted: “For me this is Jesus because faith will move mountains.”

While another described the face as a “divine demonstration” against a local mining operation.

Some Twitter users are not so enthusiastic, whoever, with one writing: “Gullible Colombians See the Face of Jesus in the Remains of a Landslide.”

Landslides have been known to reveal a number of curious features. Back in 2012, a massive Jurassic rock slide on Monmouth Beach at Lyme Regis in Dorset left a rather embarrassing phallic symbol.

Locals nicknamed the phallic-shaped rock formation “Monmouth’s Member”, and it stood proudly against an otherwise flat cliff face.