Justin Bieber has his eye on a new girl

Los Angeles  – Justin Bieber is reportedly eyeing up another model.

The All Around The World singer posted a photograph of Scarlett Leithold on his Instagram account, fuelling speculation that he wants to ”hookup” with her.

A source said: ”Any time he posts a picture of a girl on any of his social media, it’s is only for one reason to hookup with them.

”He meets so many girls that he asks for their Twitter handles or number, and he has many ways to get a hold of them through direct message or texts from his bodyguard’s phones.”

However, it’s not just Scarlett that the 20-year-old singer has his eye on.

Justin is rumoured to be dating 18-year-old model, Hailey Baldwin but is believed to still be harbouring feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, 22.

A source told HollywoodLife.com: ”He doesn’t care one day and then freaks out the next. His current feelings are that he doesn’t care about Selena.

”The times he is with Hailey he doesn’t think of Selena. But the second Hailey isn’t around then Selena is on his mind.”

Justin may want his on/off lover back but the Come And Get It singer is reportedly sick of being labelled as his girlfriend.

A source close to Selena previously revealed: ”Hearing that she is with Justin and should be with Justin or shouldn’t be with Justin is exhausting.

”She always reads about herself and Google’s herself and she hates being known as Justin’s girlfriend or not his girlfriend. She wants to be known in her eyes and to others as Selena Gomez.”