If you’ve ever wondered what kind of electric car Batman would make if he got together with designers from the 22nd century, it would probably look exactly like the FFZERO1 concept car just unveiled by Faraday Future at CES. Besides its absolutely insane design, the electric vehicle concept features projected specifications including a carbon fiber body encasing a single seat which allows for only one passenger. Underneath the hood you’ll find a 4 Quad Core Motor with over 1,000 horsepower that goes from 0 to 60 in three seconds and reaches a top speed of over 200 mph.

Of course being a concept EV of the future, the FFZERO1 is a fully Internet-connected car that allows you to literally place your smartphone in the steering wheel in order to act as a digital copilot—that’s in addition to the car’s virtual and head-up displays. Oh, and did we mention that the car will deliver water and oxygen to the driver through an accompanying helmet accessory, just as if you were an astronaut? It’s a good thing then that the driver seat is inspired by NASA’s “zero gravity” design. But the coolest aspect of the FFZERO1 is that is was designed around Faraday’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA)—a base platform including battery and powertrain that could be quickly combined with other design form factors.

Now don’t expect the FFZERO1 to be available anytime soon. It’s just a concept for now from a relatively new EV maker looking to get some attention by showing off some, admittedly, brilliantly cool designs. That being said, the company does have some serious talent behind it. With over 500 employees and counting, it boasts a number of C-suite execs from Tesla in its leadership.


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