Five weird places people hide their money


Everyone loves money. Some people even love showing it off, letting everyone know how much they have. However, no one will ever reveal where they hide cash if they had it.

Despite the advent of banks and electronic money storage devises, many people still have less trust in them. One of the reasons may be due to the low interests’ rates while others are just happy carrying it around.

The following are some of the places people hide their money just in case they do not want to move around with it;

Inside pillows

A good number of people will stash cash inside their pillow cases. They feel their money is more secure there especially during the nights since they will be guarding it as they rest their heads over the pillows.

Inside shoes

Hiding money inside shoes or inside a pair of socks is very common especially among the males. Putting money inside the socks or shoes that one is putting on always provides a sense of security and possession of the money as it will be felt by the person’s foot. Such people will always remove their shoes to confirm whether their money is still with them.

Under rocks or stones

People have discovered that keeping money under rocks is safe. Around homesteads, such people turn very big rocks and hide their money under them well wrapped in a plastic bag.

In old deserted houses

Old and deserted houses are also known to house treasures. In such houses money can be put in cracks or under bricks. The assumption made here is that people always considered old and deserted houses as valueless.

Under carpets

Under house carpets is also a common but unexpected place where people hide their money. You may be surprised of how many times you probably have walked over several thousands of shillings in the carpeted houses you have entered.


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