How to Turn Old Stamps Into Beautiful Ornaments

Some people have extra stamps lying around that probably won’t be put to use. This man decided not to keep them piled up, but to use them and create awesome crafts.

He is quite a fan of stamps, and wanted to bring them out of their dusty binders to put their unique appeal on display.

He gained his love of stamps from his grandfather, who was also a stamp collector. He decided to use these collected stamps to decorate one-of-a-kind Christmas tree ornaments.

Each ornament is totally unique and authentic, made out of genuine postage stamps. Some of these stamps are over a hundred years old.

These ornaments are beautiful pieces of craft. They are also available for purchase.

They are a great gift for any stamp or craft lover. Edelweiss Post even has its own custom packaging, made with attention and care.

There’s the option of ordering a single ornament or many at once. I think a tree would look amazing when decorated in a bunch of these gorgeous ornaments.

I love it when people bring together their passions or hobbies and make something cool. This guy is definitely passionate about stamps — even the fluff in the packaging is made of stamps!


So, don’t trow your stamps. you could always use them to make your own awesome projects.

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