Ignore ‘facts’: Van Gaal is no Moyes clone and will deliver top four spot


The graphics have been whizzing around the internet and news channels. David Moyes was just as good as Louis van Gaal is what they cry, but really what they mean is that Van Gaal is just as bad as Moyes.

The lies and damn lies tell us that LVG has won just 37 points, the same total that Moyes had at the same point last season.

The fans are getting antsy at the lack of progress given the money that has been spent and the damning points-per-million-spent stat  – where Moyes is the clear winner – is supposed to be the clincher that United have blundered and hired the Dutch David Moyes.

It’s not true of course. Just as it wasn’t really true that Moyes was a disaster – he was the wrong man at the wrong time, but say he’d been given the cash to sign Cesc Fabregas and weed out the malcontents?

Manchester United got their entire post-Ferguson strategy wrong, until they signed Van Gaal. Now they have to give him time. He has had a single transfer window, shortened by his World Cup run, to shape a squad lacking pace and talent in key areas.

He’s addressed some of the issues and over the next five or six games we’ll finally be able to judge him. If he loses touch with the race for fourth, then by all means write off his brilliant career, track record and ability to win.

The only thing that matters for Van Gaal this season is qualification for the Champions League; if it’s accompanied by a vague sense of progress then that’s great.


Since defeat to Manchester City in November they’ve won seven, drawn two and lost against Southampton in the league.

The snappy graphics appear to suggest that there has been no progress, yet if the season finished today they’d be safely in Europe’s top competition.

Once he manages that, there’s no more comparison to be made with Moyes. Does everyone really think two from Arsenal, Spurs and Southampton will finish above them?