Jail sentence handed to man for kissing a flight attendant during selfie

TORONTO — Playboy passenger extends Dubai holiday by 3-months after learning the hard way not to kiss flight attendants.

A 42-year-old male passenger from Tanzania has been arrested in Dubai after kissing a flight attendant during a selfie reports The National.

The incident took place on an Emirates flight from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to Dubai in April. The 25-year-old American stewardess was asked to pose for a selfie by a 42-year-old male passenger from Tanzania.

During the photo, the man hugged her, but the supervisor stepped in to stop the man. “He asked me again for a picture, I said OK. When I stood next to him for the shot, he hugged me and kissed my neck,” said the woman, who pushed him away, she then reported the incident to police after touching down in Dubai.

According to The National, police said the man admitted to his actions the day after the event, but later denied sexually assaulting the woman in court.

Despite a plea of innocence, the man was found guilty of sexual assault, and will spend three months in jail. After his jail term, he will be deported.