Jennifer Lopez’s Never-Ending ‘Sex Tape’ Saga

The pop diva’s shameless ex-husband is reportedly planning on releasing a sex tape of him and J. Lo taken on her first honeymoon in 1997.
Jennifer Lopez has dealt with her fair share of riffraff from fuckboys. Ben Affleck’s accent in Gigli. That nightclub shooting with Puffy and Shyne. Casper Smart’s allowance. But the endless pile of crap she’s put up with from her endlessly crappy first husband, then-Cuban waiter Ojani Noa, takes the cake.

This past week, Noa’s business partner Ed Meyer revealed to In Touch that J. Lo’s opportunistic ex will be releasing very personal home video footage taken during the couple’s brief marriage.

“We are going to produce a DVD and also have a streaming release of the J. Lo home video footage,” Meyer said. “There is revealing video of her with a lack of clothing and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel footage from the honeymoon.”

According to Meyer, the “salacious” video footage, tentatively titled How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLO and Ojani Noa Story—and drawn from 11 hours of unseen footage from their marriage—will also include Lopez arguing with her mother over her gambling habits, as well as the pop star “playfully spanking a pal.” Noa, Meyer, and another business acquaintance of Noa’s, Claudia Vasquez, claim ownership of the tape, which has somehow been branded a “sex tape” by the media.

Lopez has been embroiled in a web of lawsuits with Noa and his business partners for nearly six years over the tape, with Lopez claiming that any release of private material from their relationship would violate the confidentiality agreement that Noa signed when they split after 11 months of marriage in January 1998. But in July, Lopez reportedly withdrew her claims against Noa and his business partners, so now Meyer claims that the tape is, thanks to this legal loophole, ready to see the light of day.

Back in 2013, when the tape was wrapped up in its fourth year of litigation, Noa’s camp was trying to seek a hefty cash settlement to prevent its release. “Ojani Noa and I have not accepted a settlement,” Meyer told E! News. “What Jennifer Lopez’s attorneys are offering is ridiculous. We are asking for $ 3.75 million.” And in 2011, TMZ reported that several porn companies were engaged in a bidding war over who would release the tape.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 18: Actress Jennifer Lopez (R) and her husband Ojana Non (L) arrive for the 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards 18 January at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. Lopez is nominated for a Best Actress award in the Comedy or Musical category for her role as Selena in the movie "Selena". (Photo credit should read HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez with then-husband Ojani Noa in 1997. (Hal Garb/AFP/Getty Images)

The legal saga with Noa began back in 2004, when Noa sued Lopez alleging breach of contract after he was fired from his $1,000-per-week job as manager of one of her restaurants, Madre’s. He’d lasted just six months.

Then, in 2006, Lopez sued to block the release of Noa’s planned tell-all book about their marriage.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, court papers revealed that the book alleged Lopez had multiple affairs during their marriage, including one with ex-husband Marc Anthony. In her suit, Lopez claimed that Noa offered to not publish the book in exchange for a $5 million settlement. But Noa was found to have violated the couple’s confidentiality clause in shopping the book proposal to potential publishers, and Lopez was awarded $545,000 by a Los Angeles arbitrator, who also forbid Noa from “criticizing, denigrating, casting in a negative light or otherwise disparaging” her.

Rumors of a Lopez “sex tape” date back to 2001, when hip-hop mogul Suge Knight, fresh out of prison, generated headlines by claiming to any outlet that would listen that he was in possession of a J. Lo sex tape that was taken by an ex-boyfriend.

“I seen the J. Lo sex tape,” Knight told Howard Stern in a truly insane interview. “She got some women, some guys, you know… Put it to ya like this: Pamela Lee is PG compared to J. Lo.”

Knight, who of course had a bone to pick with J. Lo’s then-boyfriend P. Diddy, also planned to release a video titled Suge Knight’s Tha Real Story: Down Low With J. Lo and P. Diddy, which was said to be a “reenacted” version of their tumultuous relationship.

Lopez sued Knight to block distribution of any unauthorized sex tape, and the case was eventually settled when Knight openly admitted he’d been lying to generate publicity for himself, and wasn’t in possession of a J. Lo sex tape.

As for Meyer’s claim that the tape Noa is shopping of Lopez contains “salacious” footage of her in “sexual situations,” well, Noa seemed to shoot down those very claims in a 2011 interview with The Huffington Post.

“All this stuff that [the video] is pornographic is coming from her part. Not my part. It’s not pornographic,” said Noa. “Besides the story is about me not about her,” he added. “If you see those videos it’s a beautiful thing. We were young, we went to Cuba. If anything people will like her more.”