Kenya: Muchai Killed By Car-Jackers

wo women carjacked outside their apartment building in Wangige on Friday night spent at least five hours with the three gunmen who killed Kabete MP George Muchai.


Investigations begin after the killing of Kabete MP George Muchai who was shot dead early Saturday morning along with two bodyguards and a driver.

The two, a financial advisor at an insurance company in Nairobi and her cousin, lay tied up in the boot of their Toyota Spacio car during the shooting of their MP and his aides on Kenyatta Avenue on Saturday morning.

The women, whose names we will not reveal, were driving to their rented home at around 11pm when they were attacked by the gang.

The gangsters were driving in a Toyota Corolla 110.

It emerged yesterday that the carjackers had earlier robbed a middle-aged clinical officer at Ndeiya in Limuru and locked him up in the boot of his Toyota Corolla.

He was later rescued by members of the public, who heard him banging on the boot.

The women have recorded statements with CID officers in Kikuyu and the Nairobi team investigating the Muchai murder.

Police yesterday said the two have provided crucial details that have renewed hopes of nailing the killers.

“The two women reported that they had just arrived at the gate of their apartment building in Wangige after an evening out when they were accosted by the three men with three pistols and an AK 47,” said a police source involved in the investigation and who cannot be named as he is not authorised to talk to the media.

“They said they were forced into the back seat as the three men commandeered their car.”

The women told police that they were robbed of Sh1,000 and two mobile phones before their hands were tied and their mouths gagged. They were then made to lie down in the boot of the car.

According to their statements, the criminals drove them to Kikuyu town, where they demanded more money.

One of the women was escorted to an ATM where she withdrew Sh5,000 from her account – all the money there – and handed it to the criminals.

The thugs tied her hands at the back, gagged her and returned her to the boot, after which the car was driven towards the city centre through Waiyaki Way.

One of the women claimed that, at one point, they drove around a popular entertainment spot on Ojijo Road, where the criminals unsuccessfully attempted to attack a motorist in a Mercedes Benz who sped off.

Having failed in their mission, one of the men was heard saying: “Wachana na huyo amepotea na gari kubwa (leave that one alone, he’s taken off in his big car”).

The criminals continued driving around Westlands and it is believed it is at this point that they spotted Muchai’s Toyota Fortuner leaving Gallileo Lounge on Waiyaki Way.

They trailed it to the city centre.

The women said that as they lay in the boot, they felt the car suddenly come to a stop and heard the driver’s door flung open. They then heard bursts of gunfire.

Seconds later, the killer thug who was also the driver returned to the car and spoke to his confederates in Kikuyu: “Nikii mutarauma? (Why aren’t you getting out?)”

The two criminals who had remained in the car had attempted to open the doors but failed. The women said the car’s central locking system was faulty. The doors also failed to open manually from inside.

One of the men was seated in the front passenger seat while the second man was seated back left.

The witness said only the driver came out of the car and killed Muchai, his two bodyguards and driver.