Kenya: Politician Shot Dead By Masked Attackers

Masked men armed with AK-47s have killed a prominent Kenyan MP and his two bodyguards in a “well-planned” attack.


George Muchai was shot dead as he travelled home from a family gathering in Nairobi. His four-wheel drive had been rammed by another car moments before the assault began.

The assailants stole his briefcase and two pistols belonging to the security guards, then sped off in a getaway car which had its licence plate concealed.

A police spokesman said: “This defies the norms of ordinary crime. It has every characteristic of a premeditated murder and assassination, and we are saying we cannot let this one go.”

The MP’s driver was also murdered in the Nairobi attack

President Uhuru Kenyatta described Mr Muchai as “a diligent gentleman”.

He added: “I expect the police to mobilise all resources to ensure the criminals are speedily apprehended and made to pay.”

Kenya has been rocked by several terror attacks in recent years, many of them orchestrated by militant group Al Shabaab. This latest killing has led to renewed safey and security fears nationwide.

In a statement, former prime minister Raila Odinga said: “Our country is bleeding and an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness is spreading.

“Our citizens need reassurance that they can go about their daily routines without fear, and that the government has the will and ability to provide protection.”

Police are yet to arrest any suspects following Saturday’s attack.