Kenyan rapper throws shade at Ice Prince

One of Kenya’s most popular rap stars, Mwafreeka Mwaf seems very pissed with Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince.

With a number of chart topping singles and albums like ‘Akili ya Mwafreeka to his credit, Mwafreeka has taken offence to views expressed by Ice Prince in ‘N Word’ featuring South African rapper, AKA and produced by Don Jazzy.

The Kenyan rapper took to Facebook to rant, saying: ‘Just watched a video by some Nigerian cat called Ice Prince and the song is called N Word. And am actually sad. HipHop to me has always been the avenue of self expression and as it was said (although misused too) in the 90s ‘Keeping It Real’. What’s up with Third World rappers acting like they from America talking about Bugattis etc. Call me a hater but What The F..k?

Understand the culture punks and stop embarrassing yourselves. Jay Z, Beyoncé and Lil Wayne can afford Bugattis, and you can’t. Fuck your UNREALISTIC dream, am shitting on your dream. Use HipHop to represent Africa not to portray us as clowns.’

Back in Kenya, Mwafreeka is the executive producer of an animation TV show called Kuruu, a Kenyan version of the popular US animation series, The Boondocks and aside being a rapper, is a show host, actor and movie producer.

See his post below…