Shocking Revelations About Pastor Eric Omba, Gloria Muliro’s Ex-Husband

He was pretty unknown in the media circles save for random  hints in music and references to his Spotlight Media where he produced and directed videos for several artists. But after last Friday, he has become quite the topic, with speculations on what type of person he was, what type of man beats up a wife,  cheats on her and misappropriates her hard earned cash while purporting to be her lawfully wedded husband? Wel, meet Eric Omba un-hinged, here are the things that you don’t know about him, but which I will divulge to you anyway.

 So Here are things that no one knows about him:

.No one knows where he comes from: But he is rumored to be from either Burundi, Rwanda or Congo. Having come into the country during the war in Congo/ Genocide in Rwanda

. He is a pastor, but was never ordained by anybody. He has no traceable christian roots.

. For the five years that he married Gloria Muliro, he never took her to his Native home, which lends credence to him being an orphan.

.He leads a church that he Inherited from a Mzungu.

.Apparently, He manages Ruth Matete, the gospel Artist who won TPF 5

.He manages/Micro-manages Gloria’s whole ministry, from her life to her music and her bank accounts, her emails, social media etc etc

.He can’t bear Children and Blames Gloria for  it!

.He owns spotlight media where he produces gospel videos, he is an artist himself and is behind videos like :Sibanduki, mtoto Yatima, Naomba , all which are on youtube.