At Least 38 Die As Ferry Capsizes In Bangladesh


At least 38 people, including a baby, have been killed after a ferry carrying about 100 passengers capsized in Bangladesh.

A rescue operation is under way after the vessel collided with a cargo ship and began to sank, but it remains unclear how many passengers are missing.

Dozens of people managed to swim ashore after the crash, officials have claimed.

“We don’t have a clear picture about how many were exactly in the ferry when it sank – but I think many have survived,” said Inspector Zihad Mia.

One survivor, Hafizur Rahman Sheikh, added: “The passengers who were on the deck have survived, but many who were inside got trapped.”

Ferry disasters are quite common in Bangladesh. Overcrowding is common, and according to naval officials, 95% of small and medium-sized boats across the South Asian nation do not meet minimum safety requirements.

In August, a ferry designed to carry 85 people capsized on the Padma River with more than 200 passengers on board – killing 100.

The boat’s owner went into hiding for several weeks, but was eventually arrested and charged with culpable homicide.