Honeymooner survives fall down 4,000ft cliff in front of his bride

A honeymooner miraculously survived falling down a 4,000ft cliff in front of his girlfriend.

Mamitho Lendas, 35, was taking a picture of his new wife Linda when the accident happened.

He stepped back to take the picture but lost his footing and went over the edge.

Incredibly, his fall was broken by a hanging tree 130ft down the cliff at World’s End, Sri Lanka.

Video shows the moment he was pulled back to the top of the cliff and stretchered off with not major injuries.

He said: ‘I was making pictures and I had a misstep and I fell down backwards.

‘then I sat in a bush for three-and-a-half-hour – the longest three-and-a-half-hours of my life.’

He is believed to be the first person to survive a fall from the attraction in central Sri Lanka.