Mahotella Queens celebrate 50 years of music at CTIJF


With their energetic performance at the 16th edition of Cape Town International Jazz Festival on Friday evening, the legendary Mahotella Queens continue to toast their golden jubilee with what was another musically captivating performance, which festivalgoers are still reminiscing about.

The Mahotella Queens, formed in 1964, are world-famous for their distinctive harmonies, multi-part vocal arrangements of mbaqanga music and of course, their fast-paced dancing in colourful traditional dress. The group first had their international breakthrough in 1987 during the boom in “world” music and the global interest of more indigenous sounds.

Over the decades, the Mahotella Queens have evolved from a group of six singers to the current trio, with the youngest member being only at the age of twenty-nine.

“It’s a great honour to be performing with them [Mahotella Queens]. I am learning so much from them and being able to perform with them is a dream come true,” comments Amanda Nkosi, the youngest vocalist of the group.

The young artist has been taken under the wing of the legendary artists and is a new vibrant addition to the group, and will surely continue the heritage of the vocal ensemble with her talents.

Commemorating 50 years of music making and a new injection of youthful vigour, the Mahotella Queens continue to be committed to their cultural roots even after celebrating their jubilee in the music industry.