Kenya Moore Calls NeNe Leakes A “Ghetto Beast”; Says Being A Villain Helped Her Career

Celebrity Apprentice - Season 14


Kenya Moore is never one to mince words but when it comes to donations to Detroit Public Schools she is going IN on co-star NeNe Leakes for failing to cough up her $20,000 donation!

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star says NeNe is pissing her off by failing to meet her obligation to Detroit Public Schools all because she has a vendetta against her. Kenya seems to think shaming her co-star into it will force her to write that check. “Clearly she has no intention of writing the check. I think it really shows the type of person she is,” Kenya states.

“You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl,” Kenya continues. “She is a ghetto, classless, beast for cheating those kids out of $20,000. They need it. She has it.”

“That it is typical NeNe. She is really to me showing the disgusting part of her personality,” Kenya told to Hip Hop Hollywood. “It doesn’t have anything to do with me or you. It’s not a pissing contest. Give the money to the kids in the city of Detroit for their education. It has nothing to do with whether you like me or when you said you were going to donate it, or when I said it. She is the one who said ‘I write the check, you write the check, we write it together.’ But I wrote the check first.’”

While I do TOTALLY agree that NeNe should write that check, isn’t calling someone a “ghetto classless beast” in an effort to convince them to support charity a little counter-intuitive? Especially when it took Kenya niiiiiine long months to get that check written herself! NeNe has promised she’ll do it… eventually.

Moving on Kenya told Fox 11 LA that although she’s always the bad guy on RHOA, all the hate has truly helped her career and propelled her onto bigger and better platforms, such as Celebrity Apprentice (where she is in the midst of feuding with Brandi Glanville) and opportunities to branch out in the entertainment industry.

Kenya is currently working on her own sitcom and hopes to get back into producing movies. “I’m painted as the villain, but it’s helped my career,” she admits. And for that she has no regrets – although she would like some apologies.