Met Service predicts heavy rains onset at the Coast

The Kenya Meteorological Service has released an urgent advisory for the onset of rainfall in the Coastal region.

In the advisory posted on its website, the weathermen are warning coastal residents to expect heavy rainfall beginning Wednesday through to Thursday.

While heralding the start of the short rains season during the October, November to December rainfall season, the Kenya Meteorological Service says the Coastal strip is expected to receive torrential rains in the next SEVEN days beginning 6th through to 12th October 2015.

“Current models are indicating likelihood of enhanced rainfall along the coastal strip from the Wednesday 7th to Friday, 9th October 2015 with various parts being pounded by over 20mm of rainfall in day,” says the statement signed by the Director of the Kenya Meteorological Service James Kongoti.

While announcing the Seasonal forecast, the Meteorological Service indicated that onset over the Coastal strip including; Lamu, Malindi, Mombasa, Kilifi, Mtwapa Msambweni, Lungalunga, to expect the start of the rains in the first to second week of October and cessation during the fourth week of December.

“The heavy rainfall events (≥ 20mm in 24hrs) have started occurring in various parts of the country from the beginning of this month.

This is an indication towards the gradual onset of the 2015 “Short Rains” season,” says the statement. According to the Met Service, the Meteorological Stations that have so far recorded over 20mm in a day of rainfall include: Marsabit and Moyale with 54.2 mm and 30.7mm respectively on 4th October; Kericho with 40.8mm on 1st October; as well as Meru and Kangema with 32.1mm and 23.0mm respectively on 3rd October.

“Some parts of the coast have been experiencing light rainfall in the first four days of this month,” says the statement.


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