Microsoft Office finally comes to Android tablets

Microsoft finally unveiled its Office software for Android tablets on Thursday after a three-month trial period.

The new release allows Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents to be created and edited on the move, just as has been possible on the iOS versions.

It will also sync files with the company’s OneDrive cloud service so that they are seamlessly accessible on desktops too.

Microsoft’s Kirk Koenigsbauer said in a statement: “we are working hard to reimagine the Office experience for a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

“Consider a pharmaceutical sales rep on a train in Chicago, updating her monthly budgets in Excel. Or a student in a Madrid coffee shop writing a paper in Word, while collaborating with other students back at the dorm. Or a consultant from Bangalore at his client’s site, wirelessly projecting a PowerPoint presentation to a large screen.

“These are just a few scenarios our engineering teams anticipated when we designed the apps—for touch, on the go and tuned for Android tablets.”

The company previously ran a three-month preview of the software, starting in November last year, which generated 250,000 downloads across 110 countries.

It was installed on 3,000 device variants, and the company fed feedback back to the development team.

To run the software you need a screen at least 7in and 1GB or RAM. Basic features are free, but “premium features” or commercial use will require an Office 365 subscription. All use will require a Microsoft account.