Mujuru cabal fingered in President’s airport fall.

HARARE – Fired former VP Joyce Mujuru and her allies have been fingered in the fall of President Mugabe at Harare Airport yesterday, sources close to the camp revealed last night.

The shamed former VP and her colleagues have been linked to a company which manufactured the wooden stairs President Mugabe trod and fell from yesterday.

It is believed that the sub-standard wooden stairs were designed to subside once the president reached the top of the stairs so that he could fall and be embarrassed and enhance their regime change agenda as demand by the West.

A carpenter who made the stairs told The Herald on condition of anonymity that MDC -T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was also involved in the plan to embarass President Mugabe so that the whole world would say he is now old although evidence shows President is still as fit as a fiddle.

The plan however backfired spectacularly when President Mugabe instead of falling went on to show some silky Michael Jackson moves as he was about to fall as expected instead.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is believed to have supplied the rotten timber used to make the staircase, whilst Dr Mujuru and her cabal hired the carpenter from Siyaso in Mbare.

Britain and her allies supplied weak nails and glue to make the substandard stairs to the podium.

It is also believed that fired Zanu PF secretary of Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa then poured Gamatox on the weak completed structure to further weaken it hoping for maximum damage to the President.

Political analysts Patrick Zhuwao of the Zhuwawo Institute last night said said the plot to assassinate had been foiled by the landing skills of the President.

Meanwhile war Veterans leader Ambassador Cde Chris Mutsvangwa hailed the president as a hero for surviving this this latest assasination attempt.

Meanwhile, Broadcasting services Minister Jonathan Moyo said if anyone didn’t believe that The staircase was a weapon to assasinate the president then he is “the Pope”.