Nairobi On Netflix! Netflix’s Show Shot In Nairobi Trailer Is Out! Check Video And Details Here


The sci-fi show dubbed “sense 8” was first heard of  in the late september last year. The series of  12 episodes which shall be available on Netflix mid June has been co-written and co-directed by The Matrix trilogy creators Andy and Lana Wachowski.

 The cast and the directors globe trotted and shot the series in various parts of the globe, Kenya was one. In Kenya, the series was shot at Kibera, KICC rooftop and Globe flyover in Ngara.

Shooting in Kenya was not all, the series will also feature the following cream of actors from Kenya: Biko Nyongesa, Chichi Seii, Lwanda Jawar, Paul Ogola, and Peter King Mwania.

Check out Photos of scenes in the tv series.

The Trailer.


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