Popular Mugithi singer Salim Junior dead

 Salim-JuniorSalim Junior died Friday night while undergoing treatment at the Nakuru Memorial Hospital PHOTO/COURTESY

Popular Mugithi singer Salim Junior is dead.

Salim Junior, born Paul Mwangi, died Friday night while undergoing treatment at the Nakuru Memorial Hospital. According to his family, the entertainer had not been in good health for some time.

Nakuru-based musicians Simon Ben, Muraya wa Tutu, Slim wa Muthoni, General wa Mathina, Saida wa Mugure, Njoroge wa Njoki among others have said Salims’ death is a big blow to the music industry.

They added that the late singer inspired many musicians, especially from his home area.

Bahati area Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri said that Salim Junior had a great vision for up and coming musicians in Nakuru County. He also revealed that he and Salim had plans to set up a talent school in Bahati.

The legislator has called on artistes to accomplish Salim’s dream of growing local talents.

Salim Junior is a scion of the famous guitar-playing Salim family from Subukia, Nakuru. Like his singing siblings, he was inspired by their dad who sang gospel music.

Though many people mistakenly assumed that he and his family were Muslims because of the name ‘Salim’, his dad only chose the moniker because he wanted to have a unique stage name.

The musically gifted family is credited for popularsing the ‘one man guitar’ style, which later came to be referred to as Mugithi.

The late Salim Junior’s siblings are also renowned Mugithi artistes. They include: Mighty Salim, Sarafina Salim and their last born, 25-year-old Salim Young.

Today, the senior Salim is a private school owner in Subukia. The veteran entertainer also teaches aspiring musicians how to play various instruments such as the guitar and drums.

Salim Junior rose to fame by performing both gospel and secular remixes. The widely loved singer has recorded tracks such asSarafina, Muti Uyu Mukwona remix among others.