Recently A Gospel Artiste Was Nabbed In Mombasa With Human Blood And Other Witchcraft Paraphernalia…Find Out Why He Has Been Set Free

A gospel artiste made headlines two weeks ago when he was nabbed with cult-like paraphernalia: human blood, rotten meat, horns, beads and many other scary things in his car as he drove to a nearby building to pick a woman.

The country was even shocked further when Pastor Vincent Senior Onyango fainted when the paraphernalia was opened to ascertain what it contained.

He is known for his song, “Wanadamu ni wale wale”, a gospel song he released three years ago.

After staying in police custody as investigations were carried out, the controversial artiste is finally out, free.

When questioned he said the car belonged to his friend, Andronicus Kyuvi, a Mozambican priest who is said to help exorcise demons.

The two explained that they were going to exorcise demons from an affected believer, and that the blood found in the car was donkey blood, not human blood.

But why have they been released? A Mombasa Court released them on claims that the State failed to produce enough evidence to open charges against them.

Here is the song Vincent released: