Reuters Poll Says 69% Americans Don’t Care About Apple Inc. Watch

The results of a poll conducted by Reuters show that a majority of Americans are not interested in buying the Apple Watch.


According to a poll conducted by Reuters, around 69% of Americans don’t care about Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) upcoming smartwatch.

The survey was conducted from March 9 to 13 and consisted of 1,245 respondents. It asked them eight questions relating to their views on having/using a smartwatch and what they think of the Apple Watch.

In a question relating to their interest in the Apple Watch, 47.5% of the respondents said they are “not at all interested” in the Apple Watch, while 22.1% reported being not “very” interested. Apart from the 6% of people who weren’t sure of what they think of the tech giant’s latest gadget, 25% did show some interest.

Some 46% of the respondents were of the opinion that the Apple Watch has a “cool factor” to it. However, 40.6% had a different opinion, while 13% were not sure.

29% of the respondents said they would rather buy the Apple Watch than any other smartwatch, while 54.3% disagreed when asked if they would prefer Apple Watch over other smartwatches.

As a matter of fact, around 13% of 209 respondents even said that they might consider getting an iPhone in order to be able to use the Apple Watch, which functions in synchronization with the iPhone.

However, 52% of the respondents also thought that smartwatches are just a fad that would pass off. 43% of the respondents thought that the smartwatch would get as common as the smartphone is today. In fact, 53.5% even said that they think wearables would replace smartphones.

The survey shows that the company might see its basic demand for the watch coming from users who already own iPhones. However, it appears that the broader market is currently not ready to have a smartwatch – not just yet at least. In the survey, when asked about their interest in a smartwatch, around 60% of the respondents said they are not interested.

These results are going to pose a great challenge to Apple CEO Tim Cook when it comes to promoting the new gadget. We have yet to see how he aims to market the product in order to boost sales of Apple’s new wearable technology.

Apple shares dipped 0.69% to trade at $123.59 at the close on Friday.