Rihanna Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Against High End British Clothier

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The pop star wins big after suing UK clothing chain TopShop for selling unlicensed merchandise with her image

Rihanna may have one of the most expensive faces in the industry. The pop star won a lawsuit against British high end clothing retailer TopShop, the retailer who used her face on a sleeveless tank top without permission. The picture used was from the Bajan beauty’s “We Found Love” shot back in 2011.

Rihanna recently partnered with River Island, a close competitor to TopShop. Apparently, Rihanna wasn’t being taken seriously about her legal issues with the retailer because celebrities from the UK have no say so about how their pictures. Rihanna’s legal team found an issue where the merchandise was being sold under the impression the “Stay” singer had endorsed the goods, which is considered forgery. The judge sided with Rihanna and agreed this mishap could have easily damaged the mega star’s fashion image.

The new Creative Director for Puma will bring in a cool $5 million and have her legal fees paid for by TopShop.