Robert Alai: Kenyan blogger charged over Uhuru Kenyatta slur

A popular but controversial Kenyan blogger has been charged with undermining the presidency, following a tweet he posted earlier this week.

Robert Alai, a fierce government critic, called President Uhuru Kenyatta an “adolescent president”.

He denied the charge and was released on bail of $2,000 (£1,300) but ordered not to post similar comments while investigations continue.

Mr Alai is among Kenya’s most prominent and influential bloggers.

He has 140,000 followers on Twitter.

The BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza in Nairobi says Mr Alai attracts love and hate in equal measure.

On the same day as calling Mr Kenyatta an “adolescent president”, he also tweeted the phone numbers of the president and other senior officials.

Mr Alai has already received massive support on Twitter from Kenyans who see his prosecution as part of a government scheme to curtail media freedom and freedom of expression.

Soon after being released, he tweeted defiantly that it will be hard to silence him.

Two years ago, he was arrested and questioned after claiming that the then government spokesman was planning to kill him.


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