Avid mountaineer Sean Wisedale says all the injured have been evacuated from Mount Everest


JOHANNESBURG – Avid South African mountaineer Sean Wisedale on Monday said he and many others at their camp were still shaken up by avalanche which hit Mount Everest in Nepal over the weekend.

Helicopters were able to enter the base camp today with more than 15 critically injured people being rescued after experiencing days of poor weather.

Many have been left stranded as the Nepalese government struggles limited resources, including medical supplies and staff.

Wisedale says everyone is trying to live through the cold weather.

“I think the count is about 17 fatalities and 15 others were injured, some of them quite critically. Everyone was evacuated today because the weather cleared so the helicopters could fly all the injured out.”

According to media reports, 300,000 foreigners were in Nepal for the trekking and climbing season.

Meanwhile, countries around the world are now sending teams to the country to help with relief efforts.

The total death toll now stands at over 4,000.