Satellite images show Nepal before and after earthquake

As rescue crews in Nepal expanded their rescue and search operations on Monday, the U.N. released before and after satellite images taken by DigitalGlobe that show how the city of Kathmandu and other areas were devastated by the earthquake. As The Post’s Annie Gowen and Rama Lakshmi reported, at least 4,200 people lost their lives in the disaster.

Kathmandu’s Dharahara Tower

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square in Kathmandu

 This image shows a collapsed building in an unnamed area of Kathmandu that blocks a street

In fear of aftershocks and landslides, many sought refuge in tent camps in Kathmandu. The image appears to show sports fields that are located far away from potentially dangerous buildings. 

The historical pond Rani Pokhari, which is located in the center of Kathmandu, was used as a refuge because it is surrounded only by few buildings that could collapse in an aftershock.