Three Kenyans killed in Mecca

Three Kenyans are among the 717 pilgrims killed on Thursday in a stampeded outside the Muslim holy city of Mecca, the government has said.

In a dispatch to newsrooms yesterday, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho said one person was injured and is in hospital.

The families have been notified.

“Some 4,950 Kenyans are attending this year’s Hajj. Our ambassador in Riyadh and his officials are in Mecca and are working round the clock to account for all Kenyans,” Kibicho said.

“The situation is being monitored closely and update will be availed through the media as it is received from Saudi Arabia.”

A family in South C says their relative Abdinasir Ali has been missing since the day of the tragedy but is not among the three.

The family said they do not have any information from the government.

His brother Mohamed Mow said: “Moments before the tragedy he had taken a photo holding the hand of our mother-in-law.”

He said all his cousins and mother-in-law have been accounted for except Ali.

Saudi Arabia Deputy Head of Mission in Nairobi Ali Othman said investigations are ongoing.