We made parliament popular – EFF


An EFF beret. Credit: www.effighters.org.za 

Parliament’s popularity is due to the actions of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi reportedly said.

“We are the reason why Parliament is popular. We are the reason why many people are able today to speak about what happens in Parliament – to debate (at)… their dinner table, to watch Parliament and be interested in it. We are the reason why it’s a trend to the everyday lives… of the people,” the EFF spokesperson said.

Ndlozi said that the party was responsible for more debates being raised in Parliament.

“We have raised a whole set of debates. We raised the question of this Parliament of Cape Town moving to Pretoria. We rose questions of land. We have been in the forefront of speaking about illicit financial flows and the erosion of the tax base by multinational corporations.”

Ndlozi was speaking outside Parliament after the first day of the SONA debate.