Rihanna Skipped The Grammys Because She Had A Meltdown! [RUMOR]


(Photo : Getty Images/Christopher Polk)

Rihanna fans were understandably disappointed when she didn’t perform at the 2016 Grammys.

The original reason for her absence was that she was diagnosed with bronchitis and doctors forced her to pull out.According to sources at TMZ, however, that wasn’t the case.

TMZ’s sources say the “Work” singer was screaming hysterically during rehearsals for her performance and that she was so upset that she didn’t even bother staying for the awards show. The sources also say that Rihanna sounded in top form during the rehearsals, so it seems odd that her voice would suddenly deteriorate to the point she couldn’t sing in just a few hours.

Rihanna has yet to comment on the matter, but she did use her Twitter account to apologize to her fans for not performing.

Rumor has it that Rihanna isn’t the only one who had a meltdown this week. This past weekend, sources at Page Six reported that Kanye West threw a tantrum just before his performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Just moments leading into the live show, and during the live show, Kanye had a meltdown and threatened to walk off,” said the Page Six source. “Kim, who was in the audience with Kylie Jenner, had to come down. Lorne had to personally talk to Kanye. There were a few really tense minutes”

The Page Six source also said that Kanye was upset because of the way his stage was set up, and that this breakdown has become relatively commonplace.

“He freaked out about how the set was arranged. He was saying he’s ‘the greatest artist.’ He’s having regular meltdowns. Everyone’s walking on eggshells around him. He’s under a lot of stress between the new album and the fashion line.”

Whether or these rumors about Kanye and Rihanna are true is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure: No one can blame them for being on edge during their hectic careers.

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